From the President’s Desk

Greetings to my sisters and brothers: wearers of the white coat, I greet you as your honored new President for the Medical Society of Mobile County for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. Dr. Koulianos has led us through a daunting year, one that I have never experienced before, and hope to never experience again. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your county medical society will continue to lead our community forward as we do our best to protect our fellow neighbors from this devastating virus and safeguard our profession on all fronts.


On the following day after I took office, I met with the new Minority Health Task Force from our society, along with officials from public health. From that meeting, we formulated a Zoom discussion to be planned in the next week with the minority faith community leaders to discuss this deadly virus and the vaccine that will help us combat this disease. As you may know, there is sincere vaccine hesitancy in our communities, and it is vitally important that the medical profession is transparent with our efforts. As a result, we feel that the pastors of these churches will be a great benefit to us to get our message across to their parishioners, who are our patients, family, and friends.


Other objectives we hope to accomplish this upcoming year, is to spotlight a young physician of our society each month. This physician will be highlighted on various social media platforms as a way to provide exposure for their practice and our organization. This could also include a “table talk” session that occurs once a month/quarter that discusses a serious health topic along with lighthearted subject. We will also continue to build upon our Physician Wellness Program and still hold seminars for CME.


We know that we are in the midst of a pandemic, but despite that, your medical society will not stop working for you. Continued conversations will persist with the medical and political leaders of our county, state, and country. But I do want to know one thing from each of you: “What can the medical society do for you?” You may not know the answer to that question now, but please be thinking about it and feel free to email me at with your response. I look forward to this new year with optimism and your continued safety, wellness, and health is my sincere prayer for all of you.



With Faith That’s True,


Nina S. Ford Johnson, MD FAAP