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The Medical Society News

This newsletter is published semi-annually (May and November) and includes information on Society activities, member news, and upcoming events, as well as other information of interest to our physician members and the Alliance. An on-line version is also available.

Legislative Advocacy

The Medical Society, through the Medical Association of the State of Alabama (MASA), and our delegates to MASA and the AMA monitor legislative and regulatory activities in Montgomery and Washington to advocate in the interest of physicians and their patients and to ensure that members' views are expressed and taken into consideration during the policy formation process. Each year, Medical Society members may participate in an Annual Legislative Reception in Washington hosted by the Medical Association of the State of Alabama for the Alabama legislative delegation.


A broadcast fax service offered to our membership when the need arises to disseminate information to the medical community quickly. It delivers up-to-date information directly to the physician's office. An email service is also available through the Society.

Mailing and Label Service

The Medical Society provides a full mailing service at reasonable rates for medically-oriented correspondence. This service is particularly helpful for office relocations and announcing new physicians. The Society can also provide mailing labels at a nominal cost to our members. Contact Victor Autry at for rates and mailing piece requirements.

Membership Directory

Our members may request a copy of the directory at any time free of charge. We maintain our mailing list with the most up-to-date information on our members, and print each directory as required. Periodically, we also publish a Pictorial Directory.

Mediation and Medical Ethics Committee

The Medical Society helps patients and members resolve misunderstandings, communication difficulties and fee disputes through this committee. This process helps to assure the highest ethical standards are adhered to in the physician-patient relationship.

Wall Poster

This is one of our most popular benefits. It contains the names, phone and fax numbers of all our members, along with contact information for all area hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and pharmacies in a quick reference format. The poster is published annually.

Community Awards

Each year at the MASA Annual Meeting, awards are presented to physicians and lay people in several categories, including outstanding service by a physician, medical journalism, community service and other areas. The Board of Censors of the Society places names of physicians from our Society into nomination each year.

Quarterly Membership Meetings

These meetings are held in March, May and September. The Society's Annual Meeting and installation of officers is held the first Tuesday of December. Announcements of meeting dates and speakers are mailed out three weeks in advance. The cost of the dinner at these meetings is included in your annual dues.

The Mobile Medical Endowment Trust

The Trust is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity which enables Medical Society members to make tax deductible donations and memorials for their patients. The mission of the Trust is to contribute to worthwhile charitable non-political community activities, with emphasis on the support of scientific educational endeavors and the establishment of scholarships.

Patient and Physician Information Resources

The Medical Society maintains an updated database that includes physician educational, certification and experience information. Both patients and physicians may call and ask for information on an individual basis. This information is also useful for patient referrals.

Dues & Rates

Effective January 1, 2019

  Mobile County MASA AMA
Regular Members $295 $450 $420
New Member (1st Year of Membership) $150 $225 $210*
*1st Year of Practice      
New Members (2nd Year of Membership) $200 $337.50 $315*
*2nd Year of Practice      
Government Employee Member $150 $225 $420
Military $150 $200 $280
Intern Resident $0 $0 $45
Multiple 3 year/1st year in training $0 $0 $120
Medical Students $0 $0 $20
Full 4 years $0 $0 $68
Full 3 years $0 $0 $54
Full 2 years $0 $0 $38
Fully Retired/has been a member for ~ 30 years $0 $0 $0
/recommended by the component medical society      
Fully retired/has not been a member for 30 years $100 $135 $84
/recommended by component medical society      
70 years of age/work ≥ 20 hrs/week $285 $450 $420
70 years of age/work < 20 hrs/week $150 $225 $210
65 years of age/work ≥ 20 hrs/week $285 $450 $420
65 years of age/work < 20 hrs/week $150 $200 $210
65 years of age/fully retired $100 $120 $84
Affiliate Member, Mobile County Only $100    

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If you are a licensed physician who resides or practices medicine in Mobile County, you may apply for membership in the Medical Society of Mobile County. Concurrent membership in the state organization, the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, is also required.

Once your completed application is received, our staff begins the credentialing process. It takes an average of one to two months to complete the credentialing step. Your application is then reviewed by the Membership and Credentials Committee, and the Medical Society of Mobile County Board of Censors.

To apply for membership to the Mobile Country Medical Society, you can download and print our convenient PDF form. Click the link below to download the PDF. Then just print it out, fill it in, and mail it to the address provided on the form.

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If you would rather have us mail you a membership application, please fill in the form below, providing your name and address. We'll mail a membership form, along with instructions, to the address you provide.