Donate Your N-95 Masks

The Medical Society of Mobile County is accepting drop offs of any N-95 masks that community members or businesses want to donate to the physicians and first responders in Mobile. Often the public may not realize that they have N95 masks in their utility rooms, garages, sheds, basements, etc. Many masks that are purchased for residential and business purposes, for lawn care, for allergens, for paint, for fumes, etc., – are sometimes printed N95 (which quantifies them as respirators). THOSE are what we are in desperate need for.

New, unopened N-95 Masks, nitrile disposable gloves, surgical masks, disposable safety glasses

Drop off to
The Medical Society of Mobile County Office
(at the intersection of Airport and Florida, next to the Fire Station)

2701 Airport Blvd.
Mobile, AL  36606

Any time between10am and 3pm,

Call 251-476-9494 for further details or if different drop off time or day is necessary