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Lessons from the COVID-19 Front Line: Dr. George Koulianos

Letter from Christopher A. Park MD, Chairman of Physician Wellness Program

Dear Members of the Medical Society of Mobile County and Baldwin County Medical Society,
I am proud to announce that I am the Inaugural chairman of the newly formed Physician
Wellness Program, which will be known as Physician Care, and will serve both the Medical Society of
Mobile County and the Baldwin County Medical Society. I do this in conjunction with our current
presidents George Koulianos and Benjamin Schrubbe, as well as task force members Ellis Allen, Laura
Hollensworth, Bob Israel, and Ron Russell who laid the groundwork for this program.

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Medical Society Board Member and Providence Ascension CMO Dr. Ijaz Iqbal Interview

A new remote monitoring program launched by Ascension Providence and Sacred Heart hospitals aims to provide an extra layer of support for COVID-19 patients.
Those who enroll in Ascension Home Monitoring, an at-home medical monitoring mobile application, are patients recovering from COVID-19, those who have been discharged from the hospital, or are symptomatic but don’t meet criteria needed to be hospitalized.

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Considerations for Wearing Cloth Face Coverings

Cloth face coverings are recommended as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the cloth face covering coughs, sneezes, talks, or raises their voice. This is called source control.

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Covid-19 Testing Sites

Looking for Covid-19 testing sites in the Mobile County area? Here is a map provided by the Mobile County Commission.

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Decontaminate N-95 Respirators For Reuse

Read the entire document here. In summary, their process involved: [1] A dedicated lab room equipped to uniformly disperse hydrogen peroxide vapor (35% solution) Exposing ~100 3M 1860 N95 respirators to the HP vapor flow for 25 minutes then letting them “dwell” for another 20 minutes Researchers also included bio indicators in the room (G.stearothermophilus)…

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Donate Your N-95 Masks

The Medical Society of Mobile County is accepting drop offs of any N-95 masks that community members or businesses want to donate to the physicians and first responders in Mobile. Often the public may not realize that they have N95 masks in their utility rooms, garages, sheds, basements, etc. Many masks that are purchased for…

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Covid-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Physicians Dear Medical Society Members, You are being bombarded with information. As your Medical Society, we have been researching tools you can use in your day to day practice. FOR YOU: Tips for taking care of yourself during emergency response. FOR YOUR OFFICE/STAFF: Tips for taking care of your office and staff.…

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A Doctor’s Declaration of Independence

Opinion – Wall Street Journal A Doctor’s Declaration of Independence It’s time to defy health-care mandates issued by bureaucrats not in the healing profession.   By Daniel F. Craviotto Jr. April 28, 2014 In my 23 years as a practicing physician, I’ve learned that the only thing that matters is the doctor-patient relationship. How we…

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